CQPlants Quality Certificate

CQ Plants

The CQPlants (Cultivating Quality Plants) Quality Certificate is awarded to a strong, homogeneous and flexible group of companies dedicated to the highly specialized crop of different ornamental plant species whose destination is the most demanding European markets.

CQPlants distinguishes the products grown under a specific production process and positions them within the ornamental elite, ensuring the consumer a higher quality standard.

Currently, the largest under CQPlants certificate cropped area is located in the Spanish Mediterranean South (Almería and Motril, a city in Granada).

Pioneers in innovative and sustainable processes

Under the CQPlants Quality Certificate, crops are developed using integrated biological systems, being many of the companies with said certificate CQPlants pioneers in the use of this type of systems. They also have the environmental certification in the ornamental sector by MPS.

CQPlants undoubtedly opts for innovation and sustainability in production processes, one of its latest advances being the development of new substrates around the Circular Economy and minimizing the pollution damages. Consequences that together help to improve the environment.

Certified brands and concepts

Certified Brands

The best products of the best producers.


Mediterranean sensations at home!

Everything you need: Brand, Selection and Quality. Wide variety: Dipladenia, hibiscus, rosebush, hydrangea, fressia, lantana, nerium, dianthus …


Standard line

The timeless classics at the best price. Dipladenia mix with powerful and striking colours. Top quality plants at the best price.

Certified Concepts

Quality, design and distinction.


The world at home

It combines the best and most careful selection of varieties of Mandevilla, Hibiscus, Dianthus and Hydrangea in the world.


Trip to the Antipodes

The varieties of native Australia and New Zealand plants: Boronia, Cordyline, Eremophila, Eucalypthus, Phornium, Pimelea …


The land of our ancestors

The best collection of plants brought from the far west: Yucca, Agave, Echeveria …


The heart of Africa

Native African plants with multiple qualities. Aloe, agapanthus, kalanchoe …


Exotic beach at your home

Collection with the most exotic varieties and a great diversity of colors that will transport you to the idyllic beaches of the Pacific. Aloha!


Pure O2 | Green plants

Collection with a careful selection of the most suitable and efficient plants to purify the air in your home. Enjoy them!


Mediterranean Oleanders

The most modern varieties of Oleander, cultivated using techniques for its adaptation as a houseplant.

The best products of the best producers


Bloomstore is the reference MarketPlace in the ornamental world.

A commercial space where the highest quality products are offered, always under the «CQPLANTS» certification.

Do you want your CQPlants seal?

The brands certified with the CQPlants quality seal produce their plants under a careful working protocol that guarantees the highest level of quality. Sanitary and integrated control, the best agricultural practices and a flawless logistics are determining factors in the decision of the client.

CQPlants maintains an ongoing commitment to sustainability by improving production processes that minimize the pollution damages helping to improve the environment.


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