Cultivating Quality Plants – CQPlants

CQPlants, distinguishes products grown under a specific production process and positions them in the ornamental elite, guaranteeing the final consumer a superior quality standard.

Tropical Coast

Mediterranean sensations at home!

Everything you need: Brand, Selection and Quality. Wide variety: Dipladenia, hibiscus, rosebush, hydrangea, fressia, lantana, nerium, dianthus …

Dance Collection

Culture of Dance Collection By Tropical Coast.

Outdoor nurseries in the nurseries of Motril (Granada – Spain).

Down Under Dreams

Growing Down Under Dreams By Tropical Coast.

Trip to the Antipodes: Plant varieties native to Australia and New Zealand: Boronia, Cordyline, Eremophila, Eucalypthus, Phornium, Pimelea,…

Greenhouse cultivation in our Motril nurseries in Granada and Almería (Spain)

Fushion mandeville

Cultivation of select varieties of Dipladenia mandeville | By Tropical Coast

The best and most careful selection of varieties in the world in Mandevilla.

Series according to their varietal origin: Fusion Mandeville California, Fusion Mandeville Osaka, Fusion Mandeville Sydney and Fusion Mandeville Tokyo.

Fushion hydrangea

Growing Fusion Hydrangea By Tropical Coast

Great selection of the latest and greatest hydrangea varieties.

Installations under a greenhouse in our nurseries in Almería (Spain).

Pacific beauties

Cultivation of Hibiscus Pacific vibes By Tropical Coast.

Installations under a greenhouse in the nurseries of Motril in Granada and Almería (Spain)

Safari Dreams

The heart of Africa

Cultivation Safari Dreams By Tropical Coast.

Collection of native African plants with multiple qualities. Aloe, Agapanthus, Kalanchoe…

Western Desert Dreams

Cultivation of Western Desert Dreams By Tropical Coast.

The land of our ancestors: The best collection of plants brought from the far west: Yucca, Agave, Echeveria,…

Installations under a greenhouse in the nurseries of Motril in Granada and Almería (Spain)

Home Living Dreams

Cultivation of Home Living Dreams By Tropical Coast.

This collection comprises a selection of the most suitable and efficient plants to purify the air in your home.

Installations under a greenhouse in the nurseries of Motril in Granada and Almería (Spain)

Logistics Cross Docking

Logistics Cross Docking | By Tropical Coast

Fast delivery

Our advanced Cross Docking manages fast deliveries and ensures the freshness of our plants.

Vídeos por cultivos

Nerium oleander Soleandrum

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